Frequently Asked Questons


9 out of 10 times when kitchen cabinets are replaced, the new cabinets are placed in the same footprint as the older cabinets! If your existing cabinets could be made to look new again and could save you the mess and cost of replacing, wouldn’t it make sense to look into it?

Why Choose Us?

We are a family owned business serving all of Plano and surrounding cities. Our clients include Realtors, Interior Designers, Home Owners, VRBO’s and more.

We specialize in cabinet refinishing. We do not do any thing else. We guarantee our work and require no money up front. We are paid only when you are satisfied with your cabinets.

What are the Benefits of Refinishing or Painting Your Cabinets?

  • No demolition of your kitchen
  • No need to remove items from your cabinets
  • 90% of cabinet and drawer faces can be revived
  • No Mess
  • Is thousands of dollars less than replacing
  • Looks new when finished
  • Lasts for years
  • Very durable
  • All colors available
  • Option to change out handles and hinges
  • FAST! Done in as little as 7 days!
  • No Fumes or oders
  • Affordable
  • Modernizes your kitchen
  • We can paint over stain, darken or lighten your current stain
  • Work done OFF SITE! No over spray!
  • No money up front – paid on completion
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