Repairing Your Cabinets

Finish failure

Most cabinets made of maple, birch, redwood and pressed woods and melamine can be restored. The finished product you are looking for will determine the process.

Cracking wood finish: The process by which we remove the existing finish and leave the stain. If the stain needs to be refreshed, we can do it before reapplying a new polyurethane finish.

Damaged Melamine and Vaccuum Sealed: There are often chips and peeling involved with the white melamine and vaccuum sealed cabinet faces. This CAN BE repaired! So before you throw the out &/stain-or-paint/8211; call us!

The Bottom line is, because all we do is cabinet refinishing, chances are we&/stain-or-paint/8217;ve seen just about every type of damage possible. Before you spend thousands more than you need to, call us for a FREE no obligation on site consultation and estimate. Maybe we can help! 1-469-243-5033