What is the difference between replacing your cabinets and refinishing them?

Consider this

Okay, so the cabinets in your home, rental or office are looking a bit shabby. You shopped the big box stores and cabinet stores and discovered how expensive replacing them will be. Not just the cost of the new cabinets, but hiring a contractor to remove them and install the new cabinets. Then, if your removing the lowers, you need to remove and replace your countertop and possibly the sink and faucet too! Whew. The cost, the mess, the downtime, the scheduling conflicts, the availability of the cabinets, countertop, installers etc. What a headache!

The fact is, if you look at the design and location of your current cabinets, chances are the new cabinets will probably have the same footprint and design. If the cabinet boxes are still good, and the faces okay, (even some damage is okay) chances are you can refinish them!

If you look at new cabinets, most have a painted finish. This is because paint is more durable, but even poly and stains last longer and wear better.

The good news is, MOST cabinet faces, regardless of the materials they are made of, or how bad you think they are, CAN be mended and made to look new again!

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